Best Durable Skate Shoes (Top 9 long lasting and comfortable in 2021)

Are you frustrated from repeatedly purchasing skate shoes? Or just think that your current skateboarding shoes are not good enough for further use? Whatever the situation may be, spending money on best durable skate shoes will be a great option to consider.

First of all, let me clarify that no shoes last forever in skating, no matter how good they are. It is because these have to bear a lot of pressure during this high pacing support. But there are some  which can last for more time as compare to others.

I have selected some such best long lasting skate shoes to help you in this regard. Plus, I also have listed some useful points which you should consider for making a good purchase.

So, let’s have a look at further details!

Top 9 Best Durable Skate Shoes-Comparison Chart

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Adidas Men’s Busentiz Sneaker

Leather Skate Shoes
Color: Multiple colors
Sole:  Rubber
Traction: Good
Check Price
backpac Emerica Figueroa Skate Shoe
Most Comfortable Skate Shoes
Color: Multiple
Sole: Rubber
Traction: Good
Check Price
cordlessblower DC Men’s Wer Kremer

Long-Lasting Skate Shoes
Color: Multiple
Sole: Rubber
Traction: Great
Check Price
cordlessblower Adidas Samoa Skate Shoe

Durable Skate Sneakers
Color: wide range
Sole: Rubber
Traction: Average
Check Price
cordlessblower Vans SK-8 High Top Skater Shoe

Best High-Top Skate Shoes
Color: Multiple
Sole: Vulcanized
Traction: Advanced
Check Price
cordlessblower Emerica Reynolds G6

Best Long Lasting Skate Shoe
Color: Multiple
Sole: Rubber
Traction: Strong
Check Price
cordlessblower Globe Adult Fusion Skate

Most Durable Shoe for Skateboarding
Color: Multiple
Sole: synthetic
Traction: Great
Check Price
cordlessblower Etnies Marana Vulc

Breathable Skate Shoe
Color: Multiple
Sole: Synthetic
Traction: Strong
Check Price
cordlessblower es Men’s Accel OG

Best Comfortable Skate Shoe
Color: Multiple
Sole: Rubber
Traction: Great
Check Price

Top 9 Best Durable, comfortable, and longest lasting Skate Shoes Reviews 2021

With that being said, now it’s time to look at the distinguishing features of all of these products. So why are you waiting for me? Scroll down!

Best Durable Leather skates
Adidas Men’s Busentiz Sneaker-Leather Skate Shoes
9/10 Our Score

Adidas needs no introduction in footwear as it is one of the best shoe brands available in 2021. Adidas Busentiz sneaker is rugged and last built to last since they are made specifically for skateboarding.

One of the best features of these shoes is that they are stitched with great care. It does not rip easily, even if you use them for challenging sports like longboarding and skateboarding.  Their upper part is made up of durable suede material, and these have cup sole construction.

Other than that, these shoes are powered with a Geofit collar, and that’s why these last for ages. They can handle the abuse and pressure of elements, so what else could you ask for?

They are highly comfortable to wear as they contain additional padding on the top of the foot, heel, and ankle. Needless to say that this will keep your feet safe from injuries during tough street skate sessions.

Besides, their sole is exceptionally durable, and these are designed so that they fit on your feet like a second skin.

What we liked 🙂

  • Excellent quality upper placed together by detailed stitching
  • Highly durable outsole that lasts for a longer time
  • Pressure points contain additional padding

What we didn’t liked 🙁

  • Don’t provide much board feel

Final Verdict

These shoes last for a longer time because of their rugged construction and the best option for skating.

Most Comfortable skateboarding shoes
Emerica Figueroa Skate Shoe-Most Comfortable Skate Shoes

9.5/10 Our Score

If you want to have such shoes that last for a longer time than other skate shoes, then this one is best for you. The Emerica Figueroa are designed by keeping functionality in mind, extremely rugged, and build to last.

They have a minimalist design and thin upper part for providing you a better board feel as they are specially crafted for skateboarding, so they have a one-piece toe cap for supporting foot barking and regular kickflips.

For providing you extreme comfort during skateboarding, these shoes have a padded heel collar. Their sole is made using triangle tread on the bright side, so it doesn’t rip and last for a long time.

The skaters greatly like these shoes, and they report that these provide an amazing board feel. Furthermore, these shoes are highly durable since they have additional layers on the toe area and sides of the shoe.

What we liked 🙂
  • It has an eye-catching design
  • Built with high-quality stitching & gluing
  • Provide extreme comfort during skateboarding
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Not suitable for people having wide feet

Final Verdict

These are one of the best durable shoes for skating since they have a lot to offer. They provide extreme comfort and a nice board feel and resistant against impacts.

Best Long-Lasting Sneakers

DC Men’s Wes Kremer-Long-Lasting

9.4/10 Our Score

Our list of long-lasting shoes for skateboarding will be incomplete without DC Men’s Wes Kremer. Like always, DC has incorporated some amazing features in these shoes to provide their users a wonderful experience.

Since these shoe features vulcanized construction, so they provide excellent board feel and traction. These shoes have a great design and fit well, so you won’t feel uncomfortable even after wearing them for a long time.

Another great feature of these shoes is that they have protective laces and highly resistant to abrasion. That’s why regular skaters prefer using these sneakers and purchase them again if they wear out after continuous skating.

These are some of the best long-lasting skate shoes and feature a screen print on the vamp, enhancing their durability. On top of all these amazing features, the Wes Kremer shoes are powered with impact S-insole technology to ensure a safe landing.

What we liked 🙂
  • Suede fabric construction for extreme durability
  • Resistant against abrasion and impacts
  • Provide amazing board feel and traction
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Some skaters had sizing issues with these sneakers

Final Verdict

The DC Kremer is one of the best choices of skaters since it is most durable, has an amazing design, and super comfy to wear.

Best Adidas Durable skate sneakers

Adidas Samoa Skate Shoe-Durable Skates Sneakers

9.3/10 Our Score

The Adidas Samoa is part of one of those iconic shoes introduced by Adidas in 2011. These shoes are an ideal option for skaters as they are loaded with some distinguishing features.

The issue with most cheaply designed shoes is that those don’t last longer while you use them for high pacing sport like longboarding and skateboarding. However, the Adidas Samoa is different from those since they last for a long time.

These shoes are made by using premium quality and durable leather material. Their outsoles are crafted using tough and strong rubber to rip too easily like their competitors. Other than that, they contain reinforced toe caps which make them one of the best long-lasting shoes.

These are super light in weight, very comfortable, and available in multiple different colors. Put simply, if you use them occasionally for skating, then these shoes will last for years. However, if you use them for skateboarding daily, then they will last for some months.

What we liked 🙂
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made by using high-quality synthetic leather
  • Long-lasting shoes with reinforced toe caps
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Has the comparatively high price

Final Verdict

These shoes are available for all kinds of skateboarding tricks and have sturdy construction, making them long-lasting.

Best High-Top for men and women

Van’sBest High Top Skate Shoe

9.2/10 Our Score

Vans always come up with innovative and high-quality shoes to satisfy its customers. Not to mention that the Vans Sk-8 are one of the best skate shoes available on the market and can last for a long time.

These look amazing with suede upper, laces, vulcanized outsole, and Vans logo. There are multiple color options available for Vans SK-8, so you can easily pick up your favorite color. 

These shoes go well with various outfits because of their cool design. Furthermore, these shoes provide sufficient padding to provide full protection to your feet while trying various skateboarding tricks.

Their material is breathable, so they support proper ventilation and have moisture-wicking properties. To provide additional support to your ankles, its collar has additional four layers of padding.

The vans Sk-8 high top is the best skateboarding shoe for men and women available in 2021.

What we liked 🙂
  • It has a cool high-top style
  • Unisex shoes with affordable price
  • Contains additional padding around the ankle
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Their eyelets for shoe strings could be better

Final Verdict

These shoes have everything you need in perfectly designed skate shoes, so you must check them out.

Best long lasting skate shoes

Emerica Reynolds G6 -Best Long Lasting Skate Shoes

9.6/10 Our Score

Another great shoe brand on the list has flawless performance and has a gorgeous design. The Reynolds G6 shoe is not only long-lasting but also has some other incredible features which are worthy of giving a read.

The first thing you will notice by looking at these shoes is their rugged construction since they are made using suede cupsole. On the bright side, superior quality rubber is used in the construction of their outsole.

The midsole of these shoes is made by using G6 polyurethane, which will provide a high level of support to your feet. Also, their sole is removable, so if you don’t like its quality, you can change it anytime.

It has a hot melt toe cap and textile lining for providing your feet the needed breathability. Other than that, this shoe comes with a perforated lycra-spandex tongue which makes them super comfy.

What we liked 🙂
  • Provide superior comfort during skateboarding
  • Last for a long time because of durable construction
  • Has reinforced toe cap to provide better protection
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Stiff to break-in

Final Verdict

If you are browsing for super comfortable skate shoes without giving up on their durability, then you must check out the Emerica Reynolds G6.

Most Durable shoe for skateboarding

7.	Globe Adult Fusion Skate Shoes-Most Durable Shoe for skateboarding

9/10 Our Score

Next on the list are exceptional quality skate shoes by Globe Fusion that are the preferred choice of skaters. These are super strong, tough, and durable, considered one of the best skateboarding shoes available in the market.

Speaking about their construction, these shoes are made of solid synthetic nubuck material. They are fully padded, so they better protect your heel, toe, and other parts of the feet. After wearing them, you can comfortably focus on skateboarding without getting worried about any misfortunate injury.

Other than that, these skate shoes have an S-track tread pattern on the outsole, which will provide you a better grip on the board. They are highly flexible, so they will not restrict the movements of your feet during skateboarding.

Being a skateboarder, you will know that your heels are vulnerable to shocks during this sport. The Globe Fusion shows come with a heel stabilizer that absorbs the harmful impact to address this issue.

What we liked 🙂
  • Effectively provides cushioning against impacts.
  • Flexible enough to support natural feet movements
  • Super tough and durable
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Some users don’t like the padding of this shoe

Final Verdict

These shoes are renewed to provide the users extreme support and comfort. Also, they feature a heel stabilizer, has excellent sole cushioning and heel stabilizer, so great for skaters.

Breathable Skate Shoe

8.	Etnies Marana Vulc Skate Shoe-Breathable Skate Shoe

8.8/10 Our Score

Etnies is a famous footwear brand that is owned by Sole technology Inc. and based in California. Like other high-quality shoes of this brand, the Marana Vulc is also a host of top-notch features.

This shoe has a vulcanized outsole, and it is a thinner version of cupsole Marana. To provide your feet the needed support, this shoe has a suede upper part along with a rubber toe cap.

Also, the insole of Etnies Marana Vulc has good cushioning, so it keeps your feet safe and comfortable during jumps of skating. Even great, this shoe has mesh lining on the collar and tongue area for making sure your feet remain dry and fresh during skating.

Coming to its outsole, this part is very flexible and has a long-lasting and strong tread pattern. The amazing feature of this shoe is that it is exceptionally durable and does not get destroyed within a couple of weeks.

However, it may show signs of superficial wear after some months, especially during cold weather.

What we liked 🙂
  • Looks great with the vulcanized outsole
  • Provide good cushioning to feet
  • Has mesh lining on collar and tongue area for breathability
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • Sole quality could be better

Final Verdict

Overall this durable shoe works great for skateboarding and does not rip during the initial months of usage like other low-quality shoes.

Best Comfortable Skate Shoe

es Men’s accel Og-Best Comfortable Skate Shoe

8.5/10 Our Score

Another great skate shoe on the lineup is great in terms of performance and has an amazing design. Also, this footwear company is not as popular now, but Accel Og is still considered the most iconic shoe for skateboarding.

The most amazing feature of these skate shoes is that they provide excellent control and board feel. These are designed by keeping in view the technical aspect of skateboarding, which is their extreme popularity.

Adding to this, high-quality suede material is used for making the upper part of these skate shoes. Thanks to their ollie-resistant side panels, which make them resistant against impacts that you must have to bear during skateboarding.

The Men’s accel shoe utilizes PU special foam, which provides adequate cushioning. Even better, these shoes are still the best choice for skateboarders, although first introduced in 1998. Their classic fat tongue, lightweight, and timeless design make these shoes worth considering for skating.

What we liked 🙂
  • Provide cushioning against impacts
  • Keeps the feet safe and secure
  • Top choice of experienced skateboarders
What we didn’t liked 🙁
  • It doesn’t support proper air circulation

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly these shoes are one of the best long-lasting skate shoes, which the customers greatly admire because of their high-end features.

Best Durable Skate Shoes-Buying Guide

Some buying points will give you an idea about the durability of your skate shoes. Luckily I have incorporated all of these important factors in this buying guide, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.


Not to mention that the first important feature which will impact the durability of the shoe is its material. The leather and suede material is commonly used for making these shoes. Ensure that your shoes’ material is strong enough to withstand the abuse and pressure of elements.

Weight & Construction

The weight of the shoe is determined by the type of sole used in its construction. With the improvement in technology, skate shoes are becoming lighter. However, light shoes do not provide much support and comfort, so it’s better to go for heavyweight shoes.

The shoes with heavyweight are more durable; however, they will hinder trying various landing tricks.


Another thing that helps to extend the durability of the shoe is its padding. The additional padding not only provides extra comfort but also provides the needed support to keep you going. Some shoes contain additional padding on pressure points, and they work great.


Note that those shoes put together through stitching are more vulnerable to wear and tear than those with minimalistic construction. But some shoes are made by using both gluing & stitching that may last longer.


Being a skateboarder, you will be aware of the importance of traction. The shoes made by using low-quality material do not provide enough traction and create difficulty in skating.

The key to having a safe landing is stability and a strong grip. A higher jump creates difficulty in landing, so having a shoe that provides better grip and stability is essential. Also, if your shoes do not provide proper support and are prone to slip, it increases the risk of an injury.


It is never wise to neglect the price of the product which you are going to purchase. Not to mention that your aim should be to get incredible value at as much affordable price as possible.

Nowadays, durable skate shoes have a price of between $60-&100, but you can spend more than it if needed.



Yes, canvas shoes are more prone to wear & tear to rip quite easily than other materials. Sometimes they don’t even last for two skateboarding sessions because of their weak structure. However, these are good to consider if you don’t have to do cruising or many skateboarding tricks.

If you use your skate shoes very often, then they will last for almost 4_5 months. However, most skate shoes start to develop holes after three months and ultimately rip after some time. Those skateboarding shoes with additional padding and made up of good quality material can be used for a long time. Also, if you go skating rarely, then your shoes may last for a year or two.

Vans shoes are made up of premium quality material and are quite durable compared to other cheaply designed shoes. Even their skate shoes can last for one or two years before the complete separation of the sole. Besides, if you take care of your shoes and clean them regularly after every skating session, they can last for a long time.

There are certain tips that you can use to extend the life of your skating shoes. For instance, you can purchase shoe trees which will help you to smoothen the creases of the upper part of the shoe. They also reduce the moisture level of the shoe and make them long-lasting. Besides, keep your shoes away from dust and be careful about their cleaning.

Yes, leather and leather, and suede shoes last much longer than canvas since material matters a lot. Leather lasts for a longer time if it is of high quality and has multiple layers. This is because skate shoes are different from normal shoes and can rip easily during skateboarding. But shoes made up of premium quality leather with additional layers may last longer.


All of these best durable skate shoes have been chosen after comprehensive research, so any of these will work well. However, my favorite pick is Emerica Reynolds G6.

These shoes are best for skating, and I am extremely pleased with their design. Also, these have rugged cupsole and are made up of high-quality material so they can bear the pressure of abuse and elements.

These have suede upper, reinforced toe cap, and stitched with great care to provide incredible value in return for your money. Now tell me, who can say no to these shoes after looking at these awesome features?

Final Verdict

During skateboarding and longboarding, casual shoes couldn’t work as they couldn’t withstand the abuse of elements. So, you need specially designed skate shoes, but not all skate shoes are durable.

To ease your task of finding long-lasting skate shoes, I have reviewed the top 9 best durable skate shoes in 2021. Also, there is a buying guide, in the end, to help you in making better decisions.

Read this article for picking up the most durable skate shoes, and thanks me later! 

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